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Bashpodder GTK

Bashpodder GTK is, of course, based off the Bashpodder script written by Linc Fessenden and can be found on Linc's own site at http://lincgeek.org/bashpodder.


A brief description of Profiles feature (taken from the INSTALL file included in the distribution):

I implemented 'Profiles' to help me better organize my feeds. I have one group of feeds that I download on a daily basis and another group of feeds that I download only once a week. By default, bp-gtk.conf comes with a single 'Default' profile, however, you can add as many profiles as you want. I created two conf files called bp-daily.conf and bp-weekly.conf and associated them to profiles 'Daily Shows' and 'Weekly Shows' respectively.


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The current release of Bashpodder GTK is Alpha release 2. You can download it from the projects download page on SourceForge.net.

Installation Notes

For now, please refer to the INSTALL file contained in the Bashpodder GTK package.

The Code

You can download the source code for Bashpodder GTK from the project's alpha release download page on SourceForge.net.

This is my first attempt at programming directly against the GTK+ toolkit so I'm sure that the code is far from perfect. If anyone finds this project worthy of downloading and inspecting the source code and you see any glaring problems or that I'm not doing something as efficient as I could be, please shoot me an email at bcnewman at gmail dot com. I will gladly accept any and all critiques and or criticisms.

Many thanks ~b

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